Day 5 – Capri

Third Day in Capri – Thursday, May 11, 2017

Today we conquered heights, and a few fears. As a group, we took a chairlift to the top of the mountain of Capri. The day began with a group breakfast in the cafe of Villa Eva. Bowls of cornflakes, slices of toast covered in nutella, and a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice later, we left as a group to head towards the Anacapri center. All but one took the hike up the hill to the center, while I trekked down to the bus. Once we made it to the center, Dr. Ryan gave us our tickets to Seggiovia Monte Solaro’s chairlift, and we went up a few flights of stairs to literally jump in the moving seats to take us to the top of the mountain. From the top, the view of the Mediterranean Sea was crystal clear. We snapped a group photo, and made our way back to the chairlift to go back down the mountain.

Once we made it back down the mountain, we ran into alumni from Grand Valley State University and Central Michigan University. Although some were excited to see a Chippewa, you can imagine that we were unimpressed with the Lakers.

We took a walk down the alley of the Anacapri center, and arrived at San Michele; one of the oldest cathedrals on the island of Capri. This cathedral houses altars and statues restored and preserved from the 18th century. We had to actually walk around the floor on a small wooden ledge because the floor itself can’t be touched. It didn’t take long to make our way through San Michele, and once we made our way out, the group decided to take a hike after dinner.

We all split up and either went back to Villa Eva, and others to Michelangelo’s. After dinner, Dr. Ryan took the group on a two-mile hike, and that concluded our day.


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