Day 4 – Capri

Second Day in Capri – Wednesday, May 10, 2017

With no scheduled plans today, the group was left to our own devices. Some of  us took hikes up to Tiberius’ castle on the island, others went and had sandals made at Mr. Antonio’s sandal shop. Most took turns laying out in the sun by the pool at Villa Eva. All of us were looking forward to taking a boat ride around the island for just 25 euros. But our host, Carlo, wasn’t able to take the boat out on the water due to high winds and choppy waves.  

This news prompted the group to go explore even more later on in the day. Everyone split into different groups, and went on their way. One group found a speakeasy, and went there to chill and have a drink. Another group made their way down to Capri, where all of the shops and more expensive restaurants are. For the most part, wandering and searching occupied our individual day.

Tomorrow, we would meet early for a group breakfast in the Villa Eva cafe, then be off to take the chair lift to top of the island of Capri, and view one of the oldest churches on the island as well; San Michele.


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