Day 3 – Travel to Capri

First Day in Capri – Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today was a travel day. It started with a bus ride from Hotel Cervia to the ferry dock of Naples.

The bus ride lasted for about two and a half hours. We rode comfortably on a charter bus, and it stopped about halfway to Naples at Sarni. This was semi-truck stop, rest stop, and a place to grab a snack or use the restroom. One of the cutest things we saw was the travelling group of young students wearing matching baseball caps and holding hands. We recommended this to Professor Caserta for his next trip!

Once we got back on the bus, it was about an hour before we were exiting the highway and making our way onto the ferry dock of Naples. While making our exit, we saw things such as an Italian shopping superstore, outlet mall, and ton of shipping containers that were due to leave the port any minute. We unloaded the bus, and made our way to the lobby where we waited for about an hour and a half for our ferry to Capri.

The ferry ride lasted for an hour, and the group of us made the most of it. That includes laying out on the upper deck to tan, taking as many photos as possible, enjoying a beer, and of course, napping. Once we began to make our way to the Capri dock, the sight was breathtaking. Boats in the dock, people boarding tour buses, and others enjoying a meal on the waterfront. We were greeted at the dock by Carlos and Carmen from Villa Eva.

They drove a group of us up to Anacapri, and the rest rode the bus up to the square. From there, Professor Caserta led us around the square to a few of his favorite places owned by his friends. Barbarossa’s, Michelangelo’s, Mr. Antonio’s sandal shop, and the hidden sandwich shop on the path from the square back to Villa Eva.

When we got to Villa Eva, we all decided on a chill day. A bunch of us ordered food from the cafe, and laid out by the pool for some sun while some returned to Capri to explore. With an early morning breakfast the only thing on our agenda for the next day, the only thing that majority of us wanted to do was rest.


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