Day 2 – Rome

Second Day in Rome, Italy – Monday, May 8, 2017

An early start to an eventful day. Today, we went to visit the Vatican museum, and the St. Peter’s square. We took a city bus from the Termini to Vatican city. And it’s genuinely its own city.

To get to the Vatican, we crossed through the St. Peter’s square. Workers were setting up chairs for spectators to view the mass that would take place inside of the Basilica. Once we reached the entrance to the museum, we waited in line for about an hour for it to open. But once the line began to move, we got in quickly.

To keep the group together, Professor Caserta provided each member with an audio guide. This included a portable audio transmitter, that matched the frequency of his. As long as we kept our headphone in, we’d be able to hear him. Because of this cool feature, we didn’t lose a single group member on our tour of the museum! We saw the Egyptian artifacts room, one the largest exhibits in the U.S. We went through the tapestry room, Greek and Roman statues, Raphael’s room and his famous “School of Athens” painting, Michelangelo’s room, and of course, the Sistine Chapel.

Once we made our way out of the museum, we went back to St. Peter’s square. Much like our visit to the Colosseum, but even worse, the line to enter the Basilica was about four miles long! So, as a group, we decided to revisit on our last day in Rome. Later on that night, a number of us went to visit the Yellow Bar.

This would conclude our first two days in Italy. Tomorrow, we head to Capri for a five-day stay!


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