May 14th-18th – Florence, Italy

Hotel Archi Rossi

After leaving Capri, we’ll ferry back to land, and catch our ride to the wonderful city of Florence. Upon arrival by a very cool train ride, we’ll walk no more than four blocks to our digs, Ostello Archi Rossi. It’s located just minutes away from the city center. And there’s a gelato shop on every corner. But most people travel to Florence, besides to see the sights, for the leather markets. The sellers tend to haggle, but the selections of jackets, purses, and wallets make for great souvenirs. Who wouldn’t want to say, “Like my jacket? I got it in Italy.”?

Museums and Sightseeing

During our four-day stay in Florence, we have only a few trips planned. We will visit the Uffizi, Dante’s Home, Duomo, and Santa Croce museums. In your trip packets, you can find the information for you to study so that you can be familiar with these locations.

As I mentioned before, our hotel is located just walking distance from the city center. Take a look through the photo gallery above to see just a few of the sights. Florence is a fairly small city, but there are tons of places of to eat and shop. There’s a cathedral on every corner, and on a walk through the city at any point you can see the view of the Arno Tuscany river. Just as a side note, we will have a decent amount of free time in Florence. So pick a buddy, and go explore!

Venice Day Trip

Our last full day is reserved for an optional day trip to Venice. Last year, the train ticket cost about 35 euros. But that will be the first thing I check once we arrive in Florence. If you wish to travel to Venice before we depart from Florence, please let me know. A group of trip participants took a trip to Pisa during our stay in Florence as well. Most of the cities are a train ride away from each other, so all you have to do is check ticket prices. Let me know if you need any help with this! 


Any questions? Let me know! All photos featured belong to Jasmine Nettles.


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